Följ med oss.

Kornetten – Home Of Entrepreneurs disclose their environmental impact report for the first time and would like to say that we are one of the first serviced offices/co-working centers in Sweden to do so with statistics and description of material environmental issues.
Read the report here: Kornetten Environmental Impact 2016

”As a former climate change and sustainability consultant I’m glad to implement some of my knowledge and commitment to Kornetten -Home Of Entrepreneurs. Kornetten’s Environmental Impact Report 2016 is our first step within our environmental work. We have identified our material environmental impacts, collect data for 2013-2015 and have got an overview understanding of the processes related to the Kornetten’s environmental areas. We are going to continue to identify other material sustainability areas within our business during 2016 and to continue to improve within the environment”.
– Daniel Oppenheim, CEO Kornetten – Home Of Entrepreneurs

If you are interested in us or about the Environmental Impact report 2016 please contact:
Daniel Oppenheim, CEO Kornetten – Home Of Entrepreneurs
+46 (0)8-662 98 90